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Truck Chassis

You can use jQuery with Truck. Just load it first. Truck will then use jQuery instead of its default DOM selector engine. You can also build Truck in a number of ways to which make it easier to use with jQuery. Personally, we don't think you should bother using jQuery with Truck. There simply isn't a good reason to do so. Including jQuery in every Web project is like a drug addiction. Truck can build powerful apps without jQuery. It provides great layouts and advanced widgets that do not need jQuery. It gives you modern, ECMAScript 6 Promises and the Fetch API as an alternative to jQuery's Ajax. Yes, there are a ton of jQuery plugins out there. But none of them are fit to use on mobile devices, and none of them create a satisfactory user experience on mobile devices. jQuery plugins are great for desktop though.

OK, so if you really, really, really insist on using jQuery, here are your build options:

  1. The complete framework
  2. Just the MVC components
  3. Everyting except the selector engine

To build the whole thing, just run gulp:


If you want to build just Truck's selector engine to use it as a light and modern replacement for jQuery, run:

gulp --mvc

And to build the framework but without Truck's DOM engine because you want to use jQuery, run:

gulp --engine